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Freezing Authentic, Unfiltered Emotions

As a New England photographer, I thrive on documenting the sincere, untouched moments that define the happiest days of your life. I appreciate the value of these instances and the necessity of making you feel relaxed and genuinely yourself. It may be a quaint backyard wedding or a majestic mountain elopement, either way I am focused on bringing your story to light. Let's make the experience enjoyable and create memories that endure a lifetime.



Among the many national and state parks, my top favorites are Arches, Kings Canyon, and the majestic landscapes of Big Sur.

Visiting Montana to explore the breathtaking Glacier National Park is number one on my bucket list.

I embarked on an incredible journey across the country, driving from Massachusetts all the way to San Diego. The experience surpassed my wildest dreams. If the chance ever comes your way, seize it without hesitation.

90% of the time you'll find me in Vans or Birkenstocks.

I believe the West Coast is the Best Coast. BUT being surrounded by family here in Massachusetts is pretty rad.

I stink at running but somehow ran a half marathon.

Before eloping became a trend, I decided to cancel my elaborate wedding plans in La Jolla, CA, and instead, chose the breathtaking scenery of Big Sur, CA for a more intimate ceremony. Despite the surprise it caused among our friends and family, it was undoubtedly the best decision I've ever made.

I have had lots of jobs but my favorite by far is being a Momma.

I am a washed up college athlete.

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